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Wir wollen keine GEN (manipulierte) Lebensmittel! - Die deutsche Regierung hält sich heraus und läßt den Bürger einfach stehen inklusive aller Konsequenzen!

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Dear Webmaster:


Your hours of effort and dedication to your web site have finally paid off! Your site has been selected by the wacky people at The Worst Of The Web found at http://www.worstoftheweb.com as Worst Website of the Day! The page we have selected for this wonderful honor is "Inhalt der Homepage von Karl Fritsch!" located at http://home.t-online.de/home/Karl.Fritsch/.

This page is meant in the truest spirit of fun and is not intended as a mean-spirited attack on your site. In fact, the sites we feature are exposed to thousands of new people every day, providing a large boost to the number of hits they receive. Just imagine, free exposure with little or no effort--what more could you want? We think you'll be happy with the results.

Your site will be featured in 7-14 days. If you do not wish to accept this wonderful award and the exposure it will bring, please let us know within six days.

Revel in your achievement, kind-hearted soul, and relish in the knowledge that at least someone out there is willing to recognize your work. Please accept our trophy of dubious merit and display it proudly on your page as a sign to all who pass that you are among a rare breed--the Worst of the Web.

Tell your family, call your friends, wake the kids, let everybody know about this outstanding achievement! To collect your trophy, head to http://www.worstoftheweb.com/about/awardcup.gif

Thanks for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy the increased exposure we'll bring to your site.

Buzz, Melvin, & Chip
Worst of the Web.

Wow! It's like an on-line version of Las Vegas with a stupid German attitude!

I don't think our award is flashy enough to put on his page. Let's put marquee lights around the trophy and make it morph back and forth between trophy cup and a can of electric sauerkraut!

Click on "bannertausch" if you want one of his stupid banners to put on your page. They're great! HA! This site is a great place to point people to if they are looking for a German soap opera fan page!



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Wir wollen keine GEN (manipulierte) Lebensmittel! - Die deutsche Regierung hält sich heraus und läßt den Bürger einfach stehen inklusive aller Konsequenzen!

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